100 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

would you rather questions for kids

Conversations with young children can open up an avenue into a world of imagination and information.

Children can be surprisingly informed about the world around them. At the same time, what they don’t know can also provide a better understanding of areas that need to be explored.

Maybe you and your family are going on a road trip and you want to engage your children in an activity that everyone can enjoy.

Maybe you want to enhance conversation at the dinner table. Or maybe, you just want to know more about their daily routines and their experiences in the classrooms.

Here are 100 “Which would you prefer” questions to introduce conversational topics to children ages five-ten.


  • Would you rather see the monkeys or the tigers in a visit to the zoo?
  • Would you rather go to Disney World or to an amusement park?
  • Would you rather have a party with your friends for your birthday or go on a vacation with your family?
  • Do you like to watch scary movies or funny movies more?
  • If you’re at the aviary, do you prefer the songbirds or the predators?


  • Which is more fun, rollerblading or ice skating?
  • Are you better at basketball or soccer?
  • Which game would you rather watch, baseball or football?
  • Do you prefer the Summer Olympics and the gymnastics competition or the Winter Olympics and the skating competition?
  • Which sport’s athlete is stronger, wrestling or martial arts?
  • Are sports more fun when you’re playing the game or when you’re watching from the stands?


  • Would you like to have a pet snake or a pet kangaroo?
  • Which dogs make better pets, big dogs or little dogs?
  • Which baby animals are funnier to watch, kittens or puppies?
  • Would you rather be able to hear with a dog’s ears, or leap with a cat’s legs?
  • Do you think cats or dogs make better pets?
  • If you had an aquarium, would you want to have a goldfish or a Betta fish?
  • If you could tame a wild animal, would you rather have a deer or a bear for a pet?
  • If you had a pet bird, would you want to keep it in a cage or let it fly freely?
  • Would you rather that pets could talk to you or that you could understand what their barks, chirps, and meows  mean?
  • If you were a bird, would you rather eat worms or bird seed?


  • Would you rather have a spelling test or a math test?
  • If you could skip a grade in school, would you rather skip first grade or fifth grade?
  • Which would be worse: school year-round school or a ten-hour school day?
  • What do you like better, gym class or art class?
  • Which is better, recess or lunch?
  • Do you like riding the school bus to school or would you rather walk to school?


  • Do you want to own a sports car or on a motorcycle someday?
  • If you lived in olden times, do you think it would have been more comfortable riding in a stagecoach or on horseback?
  • Would you rather ride on a train or sail on a boat?
  • Which color of car do you like better, silver or red?
  • Would you rather ride in a hot air balloon or go hang-gliding?
  • Would you rather ride five miles uphill on your bike, or walk ten miles on a flat surface?

Food and Beverage

  • Which meal would you rather eat for supper, pizza or chicken wings?
  • Which is better, chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?
  • If you could only eat one snack, would you choose potato chips or gummy bears?
  • Would you rather have mashed potatoes or French fries with your meal?
  • Which vegetable tastes better, carrots or peas?
  • Do you like ketchup or mustard more?
  • Which tastes better, Kool-Aid or iced tea?
  • When you’re really thirsty, what do you drink, soda or water?
  • Who makes the best milkshakes, McDonald’s or Dairy Queen?
  • Best combination snack: milk and cookies or soda and potato chips?
  • Which do you prefer, cola drinks or non-cola drinks?
  • Your favorite vegetable: cucumbers or celery?

Community Workers

  • Would you rather be a firefighter or a police officer?
  • Do you think it’s harder to be a doctor or a nurse?
  • Who should be paid more, an ambulance driver or a school crossing guard?
  • Would you rather climb up a telephone pole or go down a manhole in the street?
  • Do you think it’s better to get a shot or to have to swallow medicine that tastes bad?


  • Do you like to go barefoot or wear your flip flops?
  • Do you like to get up early in the morning or sleep in later?
  • Which is better, video games or television?
  • If you could change your appearance, would you change the color of your hair or your eyes?
  • Do you like to spend some time by yourself or do you prefer to be with your friends all the time?
  • If you were a superhero, what power would you want to have: to be invisibility or to have super-human strength?
  • Which color do you like the least, yellow or red?
  • Which color do you like the most, purple or orange?
  • Favorite clothes to wear: shorts or jeans?
  • What job would you like more: teacher or soldier?

Space and Oceans

  • Would you like to travel to the moon or to another planet?
  • If there’s life on other planets, do you think they would be friends or enemies?
  • Would you rather learn to surf or learn to jet ski?
  • Would you rather pilot an airplane or a rocket ship?
  • Do you like the sun or the moon better?
  • Would you rather go explore space or the oceans?
  • Would you rather live on the space station or on a submarine?
  • Living in other environments; would you rather not need oxygen to breathe, or be able to breathe underwater?
  • Which do you think will happen first: people traveling to other galaxies for vacations, or aliens visiting Earth?

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