Beginning Sounds Activities


This activity is a great way to introduce beginning sounds to children, as well improve fine motor skills. This beginning sound activity keeps kids involved. It requires a lot of patient from kids, as they need to put rubber bands carefully on the pins. The activity goes fast and will not take a long time to play. As children love to playing it, be ready to change the boards (print more in advance).

Skills: Early phonics Isolate initial sound Fine motor skills
beginning sounds activities


  • Printed beginning sound boards;
  • Board (or box);
  • Pins (pegs); 
  • Rubber (elastic) bands.

Set up

  • Download activity and print the board you desire to practice (tip: you can use a box, just look for the right size);
  • Place it on the board and pin pegs to gray circles (make sure it secured and will not fall down while your child playing);
  • Place rubber bands on the side, so your child can easily reach it.

Here you will find 12 boards, 6 of them match uppercase letters and 6 lowercase letters. Each board combines initial vowel sound words, extended consonant sound words and stop sound words. Check these tips for teaching beginning letter sounds and learn more about extended and stop sounds. You can find the reference chart inside this activity as well. At the beginning, your child can use it and refer each time she is not sure about particular sound. As she begins to isolate sounds more fluently, you can remove the chart and let her play without referring to the chart.

Letters Included in Boards

Boards 1-2 Boards 3-4 Boards 5-6 Boards 6-7 Boards 8-9 Boards 10-12
a, m, t, p o, n, c, d, u s, g, h, i f, b, l, e, r w, k, x, v y, z, j, q

Tips to play activity

  • If you just introduce the beginning sound to your child simply, match the picture with the correct letter it starts.
  • Moving forward, prepare elastic bands in three colors and use one color for each sound (vowel, extended, stop sounds). In this way, your child will have a visual reference as she finished.
beginning sounds activities
beginning sounds activities
beginning sounds activities

More resources you may be interested in and include in your lesson plan

  • Check this collection of phonetic dictionaries and practice beginning letter sounds (identify and write the correct first letter).
  • Play beginning sound clip cards. This collection is great, as it includes A-Z clip cards of each season. Therefore, you can be sure your child will not get bored playing the same cards every time. As well, she will extend her vocabulary and learn season-related words.