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Geometric Animals | Color by Short a Sound

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This activity is great to review the reading skills for kindergarten students and supplement the learning of short a sound words. Even more! It reinforces the color skills and promotes fine motor skills.


  • Geometric Animals pages.
  • Colored pencils, crayons, etc.

Set Up

  • Download and print the Geometric Animal. You can choose from: cock, pig, rabbit, cow and sheep.
  • Let your child choose the material she wants to use for her coloring activity.

Here you will find five geometric farm animals worksheets: Color the cock, Color the pig, Color the rabbit, Color the cow, and Color the sheep. Each of them has 18-24 words to color from each the following word families: -at,-ad, -am, -an, and -ap.

Short a sound words to color you will find here:
Color the cock: mad, jam, fan, cap, and hat.
Color the pig: bad, Sam, van, gap, and mat.
Color the rabbit: pad, yam, pan, tap, and rat.
Color the cow: dad, ram, can, nap, and sat.
Color the sheep: sad, ham, man, map, and cat.

These geometric animals are fun to color! Tips to color:

  • Pick your colors (or ask your student pick the color she likes the most!) and color the box on the left side of the word family.
  • Let your child color the animal by the word family. Ask her about words she reads.
  • After coloring the animal, ask your students to count how many words from each word family she found and write the number in the box.
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