Short a Sound Words | Partner Game


Partner games are great for developing social skills! The partner game inspires students to discuss their decisions. Benefits of the partner game : it encourages students who are struggling socially to communicate with a partner. As well it is fun and engaging game.

This partner game covers short vowel a words and designed in a fall theme. You may print it in color, or choose black and white copy.

Skills: Reading, Short Vowel  Social  Hands-on play


short a sound words

Short a Sound Words

Spelling Partner Game Rules

  • Mix all picture cards and place them face down. Give two pencils (different colors) to each student.
  • The first student picks the card, look at the picture and say it aloud.
  • Then she identifies the word family and writes under the corresponding line in the writing sheet.
  • Pass the sheet to another player.
  • A teacher checks the answers.
  • A student with the highest number  of the right answer win.

Short a Sound Words

Discussion Parter Game Rules

  • Mix all picture cards and place them face down.
  • Give buttons, pompoms (or another small material) to each player.
  • The first player draws a card, view the picture and says it aloud.
  • Then, she identifies the word family, finds the corresponding leaf on the board and places a button there.
  • This game is not a competitive game.
  • This variation encourages discussion and sharing thoughts between the students.
short a sound words

Tips to Play

  • You can laminate picture cards, game board, and rules for long-lasting version. Or you may print it on a card stock paper.
  • You can play the game for a few days to reinforce the reading and social skills.
  • The optimal time to play is about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the game can get longer for some students, and you can limit the number of cards.
  • When you choose a partner, consider the personality and student’s ability level.
  • When you introduce the game, you can model it, so your students will catch the concept better.
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