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Printable Bingo Game | Short a Word Families


Bingo is one of the most popular games for kids when it comes to learning to read. It takes the traditional bingo and replaces the numbers with pictures and words, motivating students to read.

Playing bingo games kids improve their social skills and learn how to communicate with other students in a class. Short sound a bingo game is a set of boards and cards with pictures and words. Each board has four short vowel words, each card – one picture that matches this word. You may use short a words list to track all words your students are learning (or struggling).

This game includes:

  • 6 bingo boards with short vowel a words;
  • 24 picture cards;
  • comes in color and b&w.


  • Reading;
  • Concentration;
  • Vocabulary.


  • Print short vowel a boards, cut them out;
  • Print picture cards, cut out and mix them.

With this bingo game, your students will improve their reading skills. Bingo game required a lot of attention and enrich your students’ vocabulary. If some of your students require more writing and spelling practice, this short a spelling dictionary would a great addition.


You can play this game with up to six students. But we recommend playing with 2-3 students in a group when each student gets 2-3 boards. Give 1-3 boards to each student, mix all picture cards and place them face down.

Student takes one card and places it face up.
Each player looks at his boards to find if there is a word representing this picture. If the player has this word he places the picture card on top of the word. Win the one who fills the board (or all boards) first!

You can also check which words are going easily and which required more attention. Then you can design your next lesson to follow up with the least known short vowel words. As additional practice at home, you may pass these fabulous geometric animals. Great coloring activity will not only reinforce their knowledge but also promote fine motor skills and bring some fun to their learning time.


  • Print all boards and cards on a card stock paper.
  • Or you may laminate it for more durable version.
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