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Strategies to Improve Reading Fluency and Increase Comprehension

What is Fluency? Fluency is the rate at which the child reads. Think about the speed: Is the child reading word-by-word? Does it sound choppy and robotic? Are there long pauses between words? Or is it the opposite, and the child is rushing through the words, reading much too quickly? Does he pay attention to punctuation, stopping at periods and pausing for commas? Fluency also involves reading with appropriate expression. Fluent readers take note of things like exclamation marks and question marks and adjust their voice. [...]

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Spelling Strategies for Struggling Students

It’s not uncommon for young children who are just beginning to write to spell words phonetically, which means spelling them the way they sound. For example, they may spell “people” as “pepl.” This initial exploration into writing is not cause for alarm and on the contrary, should be encouraged! As children age and are exposed to more teaching and experiences with writing, they typically begin to improve their spelling. But what do you do if spelling is just not coming along? [...]

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When is a Child Ready to Read?

Similar to walking and talking, learning to read is a developmental stage that children begin at different ages. Some three-year olds may begin showing an interest in reading, while other children may show little interest until they’re five or six. Like walking and talking, regardless of when children begin learning to read, most will become just as proficient as their counterparts who may have started a little sooner. Pre-reading Behaviors Once children begin showing an interest in letters, words, or [...]

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How to Keep Students Engaged in Class?

Engaged students are interested, curious, attentive, motivated, and inspired. As educators, we can create an environment that promotes engagement which in turn, promotes learning. Give careful consideration to the learning activities you present to your students and how you can tap into their interests and promote their curiosity. Here are smart strategies that give you a comprehensive answer on how to keep students engaged. The “Just Right” Level It’s difficult to feel energized and motivated if you are presented with [...]

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How to Teach Life Cycles

Teaching life cycles to students is a way to engage young minds in the abstract concepts that we associate with birth, aging, and death, while using a very specific model of the process to deliver a basic cornerstone of science education. By learning about the life cycle of a fly or a frog, a butterfly or a chicken, children can be introduced to the marvelous intricacies of the natural world around us. By expanding the learning process to include vocabulary development, comprehension, guided writing, Venn Diagrams, activities [...]

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