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How to Teach Journal Writing in K-2

Writing is an important part of children’s education and a skill that requires daily practice. With today’s technology and available games, children are not given the opportunity to draw and write during play-time that often, so it is crucial for teachers to make the most out of writing lessons. According to NCTE / IRA‘s Standards for the English Language Arts (ELA), “Students [should] employ a wide range of strategies as they write and use different writing process elements appropriately to communicate with different [...]

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How to Teach 3D Shapes | 8 Practical Tips

Children learn about shapes, beginning with 2 dimensional (flat) shapes (circles, squares, triangles, etc.).  Then, once kids have a good grasp of 2 dimensional (2D) shapes, they can move on to learn about 3 dimensional (solid) shapes.  Learning about 3 dimensional (3D) shapes, opens up a new world to kids.  They become aware that not all shapes are created equal.  2D, and 3D shapes, have different attributes/features.  While 2D shapes have sides, and vertices (corners), 3D shapes have vertices, edges, and faces. Comparing [...]

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5 Ways to Teach Prefixes and Suffixes

A student’s vocabulary quickly increases once he/she understands the meaning of prefixes and suffixes. Prefix: letters that are added to a word to form a new word that changes the meaning. There are more than 50 common prefixes in the English language, including dis-, ex-, in-, un-, post-, d, pre-, re- and others. The two most common prefixes are “un” and “re”. Suffix: letters that are added after a word to change its meaning. There are more than 20 common suffixes in the [...]

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The power of positive questions for kids

People often think that it is pointless to ask young children questions because they believe they are too young to understand. This is especially true when it comes to children that are only old enough to attend kindergarten. However, more individuals are beginning to stand up and take notice concerning the impact of education in the classroom when it is accompanied by asking positive questions as opposed to telling children what they should do, say or believe. In fact, the changes are so [...]

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Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

As your child passes the preschool stage, it becomes time to starting thinking about kindergarten readiness skills. There are ten essential skills that your son or daughter should have developed by the time that they start kindergarten in order to ensure that they can make the most of their educational experience and make as much progress as possible at this vital stage in their childhood development. Here are the primary ten skills that you should focus on with your child to prepare them for beginning kindergarten. [...]

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