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There are so many fun summer activities that you can do with your kids this summer! There is no need to keep them stuck inside staring at a television or computer screen.

TV shows and video games only provide a limited time of entertainment before parents start hearing the dreaded whiny voices saying “I’m bored” every five minutes.

Make this summer full of fun with these magnificent ideas that are entertaining for not only the children but the parents as well!

Outdoor Summer Activities

It is always a great idea to go on a hike! Find a local trail or hill and walk the entire path. It is nice to just have chats while going on a walk. If you find is a little pond with ducks your child can feed them! Sounds fun? Bring a bike with you and get the scenic ride together. Everyone will enjoy it. This is a great way to stay active in the summer and allow your children to get in touch with nature. Print the scavenger hunt and bring it with you. Kids will get entertained and active finding things around. Find fireflies? Catch them in the jar! Just be sure there is no rain ahead!

Summer Activities

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Beach Activities

Although every child loves to spend a day on the beach, sometimes you need extra ideas to keep them entertained. The first things your child will do of course swimming and building sandcastles. This always seems like a great hit among children. Let them scour the sand in search of some beautiful shells to make necklaces, bracelets and crafts later at home! Bring some sand home and your child can make outstanding art projects!

Backyard Activities

Does your child like the treasure hunt? I bet she does. So plan one or two around the yard or around the neighborhood. Start a lemonade stand (you can make ice popsicles as well!). It gets very hot in the summer and not only is a fun activity, but it will also help to cool them down while giving them a tasty snack! Do not get a chance for camping? Make one in the backyard. Play water balloon fight, practice rope skipping, make a race track or zip lines.

Bubbles Fun Time

Are you tired of bubbles that pop as soon as you blow them? No anymore! Try making your own bubbles and wands. Summer is a time for bubbles fun! So, make them a lot.

Sidewalk Chalk Activities

Make sidewalk chalk paint and of course, use it to paint the sidewalks afterward! It’s better than painting walls or other things that they should not be painting, right? Make the sidewalk paint and brushes at home in a rainy day and get ready for the sunny days.

Feed the Bird

Birds are back! If you did not get a chance to feed birds all winter, this summer is a great time to start! It is very important to feed the birds all year around. Here are excellent crafts you can make together with your children and get closer to nature.

  • Birdhouses

    Make a recycled birdhouse. This project will cost you a 0! As it, all made from recycle material.
    Junk Store Birdhouse from Fave Crafts with step by step instruction. Easy and fun, let’s try it.

  • Bird feeders

    Pine cone craft bird feeders. Step by step tutorial with pictures how to fill the pinecone with seed. Really cool activity for kids.
    How to make a gourd bird feeder another great tutorial to try.
    Make birdfeeders in different shapes: heart, circle, star and more. Here you will find how to make it.

Indoor Summer Activities for Rainy or Hot Days

Another fun project could be having the kids make a summer journal. Have them document all of their favorite moments and memories throughout the summer from beginning to end. They can be creative and draw pictures and everything! Or even glue in some photos that were taken from a camera! This will be a great thing to look back on for parents and children as the years go by! Especially if they create a new journal every year, this could be an ongoing project become a tradition with their own kids! They’ll thank you for that one, I’m sure.

Not leaving the indoor activities, you can spend the rainy day practicing origami skills, weaving looms, making a shadow puppet theater. Especially with younger kids, this could be hours of entertainment, trust me. Maybe even try setting up a way to do indoor mini golf! This might require moving around some furniture so that nothing gets hit or broken, but this could be a lot of fun for the whole family. Plus it would be a much cheaper alternative than actually going out to play mini golf.

Quiet Time Summer Activites

One more summer activity for kids to keep their hands busy and improve fine motor skills. Play sensory bins! You can play it at home, or on the backyard.

There are tons of things that you can do with your children over the summer. Don’t let the months that they are out of school flash by before your eyes. Make the most of it so that you can hold and cherish these memories that they will remember as they grow older.