There are a million tiny things that you might need on a road trip, but tablets and i-pods don’t need to be part of the adventure.

Here is a bunch of games that will come in handy and keep the kids entertained.

All you need are some printables and some basic supplies like a dry erase marker pen and some crayons.

road trip games

Road trip pictionary

You need to try and find things that begin with each of the 26 letters. So, you draw a ‘tree’ under ‘T’ and so on, until you are through with all the letters. The quicker you spot things, the better the chances of winning!


The first player draws a picture according to the instructions and folds the paper. Each player does this turn by turn. Once everyone is done, unfold the paper. Have fun reading a hilarious story.

The Alphabet Game

Write down the letters A through Z. Next, jot down the names of places or things that begin with each letter. You can either do one item per letter or do more. The first person to fill in stuff for all the letters wins.

License plate game

There are lots of variations of this game, but our favorite involves spotting a car from each of the 50 states. If you spot a car from Arizona, color the state on your map. The first person to color all the states or the one, who manages to color the greatest number of states in say 20 minutes, wins. Use this Printable Map of the USA on the road.


This is a simple game that can promise you lots of fun. You can either print a few sheets of the tic-tac-toe board or one sheet, provided you laminate it and use a dry erase marker pen to play. Awesome for bored kids and adults. You can even have a family championship!

Spot the car

Since you’ll be on the road for a while, why not plays a car game? Use the print out to cross out the names of cars that you see on the way. The sooner kids cross out the names, the closer you are to winning.

Word search

Look at the word finder sheet and try to spot all the words in it.

Great vocabulary building game. Also, it can be a cool conversation starter (kids love asking questions, you know)!

Road Trip Bingo

This is by far one of the most common road trip games. Many moms will swear by this game. All the kids need to do is look out of the window, to see if they can spot any clues. If they do, they need to cross it out on their cards. The first person to cross out an entire row of clues wins.

Dot to dot

Connecting dots is fun and even more so when you mark a box with your initials. Fun for everyone, the age doesn’t matter.

Road trip scavenger hunt

You’ll have a bunch of things to look out for- some road signs, some animals or cars. Whenever you spot anything that’s on your list, cross it out. The first one to cross out everything wins.

Quick tip: Laminating the sheets and using dry erase markers will let you reuse the same sheets on the way back. You’ll have lesser stuff to carry and can show kids how reusing stuff can be fun.

Road trips sure can be challenging, but well, there are some simple and easy ways to fling boredom right out of the car window! Play these easy games and have fun. Happy traveling!

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