The primary level of school is the most important phase of the learning process because it is the time when we build a strong foundation of basic concepts regarding science, math or English or any other subject that will prepare them for a better understanding of complicated concepts on the secondary and intermediate level. Creating an effective learning environment improve student performance and increase student achievement.

Therefore, there is a great responsibility on parents and primary-level teachers to make children learn in the easiest and interesting way. Having developed interest in studies, children will not take their studies as a burden rather they will enjoy it which will make the learning process easy for them. Here are some tips for primary school tutoring that will make learning effective and easy for student success. 

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Find Their Learning Style

We all learn differently. Some people learn instantly, some need a lot of practice to understand concepts. Likewise, help your child or student find their learning style. Once they develop a particular style to learn and memories something, things will become easier for them to be understood. For example, some children do better if they write things over and over again, while some can only learn by merely reading anything repeatedly. Help them make a strategy and offer unique learning experiences.

Tackling the Failure

The fear of failure is the greatest hurdle in the learning process. If to a greater extent they, it can lead them to withdraw from school as well. It is necessary to teach children that it is not the end of the world. 

Create an effective learning environment where children can confess their fears and can address their concerns fearlessly. Your patience is the key to your student success. If they fail at something, then do not make a big deal out of it rather, make them learn from it. Help them overcome it and tell them its normal to fail at something at first, do not let their failure hold them back from trying again. Encourage them to work harder and try again. Meet their failure with empathy rather than anger.

Avoiding Comparisons

The major mistake that parents and teachers do at the primary state is to compare their child with other children to motivate them on contrary, it shuns their self-confidence and they keep comparing themselves with other kids for the rest of their life which nullifies their individuality. Instead of that, compare your child with their previous progress it will be more motivating for them.

Using the Right Language

The excess of praise or criticism always has a negative impact on your child’s behaviour towards learning. Too much praise can inculcate within them the pride as a result of which they will stop studying and will think that they are ‘know-it-all’. 

Similarly, if you will criticize them or keep reminding them of their failure or will compare them with other children, the might lose their self-interest and will thus, lose interest in their studies and will take it as a burden. Such a stressful situation can damage their persona forever. Be selective of words you choose to make them understand their flaws and help them overcome it. Your kind words can motivate them more than your criticism do. Motivated students are more excited to learn and participate.

Effective Teaching

The impact of the quality of instructions is significant in the learning process. It is your job to make your instructions simple and understandable for your children because they are alien to it. Besides, give them time to practice and the process of the information that they are being given. Student’s progress is always dependent upon how they are being taught, therefore, do your best to introduce them to new information by making it simple and interesting. You can add visual aids or some fun activities for this purpose. For example, if you are teaching them about life cycles, you can show them the anchor charts for better understanding.

Following these easy and basic tips will surely help you and as a parent or a teacher, you can practice these to motivate children and boost up their learning process. Learning is a process, particularly at the primary level that requires your patience. You have to be calm and kind and understand this fact that how you will tackle your child today is going to determine if their future success. 

Therefore, always stay positive, calm and kind to address your child or your student’s problems. Creating a positive learning environment ensures the child’s success and health. Play your part in their success!