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Brazil Culture | Team Research

Grade: 4th Grade, 5th Grade Subject: Social Studies Standards: W.4.2, W.5.2 Time: 1h 20 min
brazil lesson plan

To get familiar with a Brazilian culture, people food and drinks.

Skills: social skills – teamwork, research, analyzing, organizing and summarizing ideas from different sources, writing explanatory text.

Introduction (10 min)

The teacher will give a few minutes to students to think about what they know and encourage them to share their knowledge with the class. The teacher will write some points she gets from students on the board.

Lesson (30 min)

The teacher will get in details about the Brazilian people and culture.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil. Brazilians call soccer the Jogo Bonito. Brazil won the World Cup five times. People stop working to watch their team during the World Cup. Brazil hosts the world’s largest carnival – Rio Carnival. Around 2 million people take to the street of Rio de Janeiro to enjoy dancing, music, and parade.

Brazilians love fresh fruits and vegetables such as coconuts, corn, and beans. A Brazilian dish made from rice, beans, and other ingredients. Some typical dish is feijoada. It is a bean stew with pork and rice. Coxinha is another example of typical food. It is a chicken croquette formed as a chicken thigh usually served with a chili dip. Pizza is also extremely popular. Brazilians drink coffee, fruit juices, mate tea.

Watch the video 10 facts about Brazil

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Watch 10 facts you didn’t know about Brazil

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  • Brazil Culture Assignment Sheet
  • Brazil Article
  • A map of Brazil
  • ComputerBrazil Food Sheet (extra activity)

Set up:

  • Make sure every student has his or her worksheet.
  • Make sure the map of Brazil placed on the wall that every student could see it.
  • Make sure every student gets a computer for independent work.


Independent work (30 min)

The teacher will create small groups of students. She will assign a topic to each group. Students will make a research in groups to be able to fill out their flipbooks.

• Topic #1 Rio Carnival.
• Topic #2 Brazilian Soccer.
• Topic #3 Brazilian Coffee.
• Topic #4 Famous Brazilians.
• Topic #5 Popular Attractions.
• Topic #6 Christ the Redeemer.

Review (10 min)

Make sure each student in the group participating in the assignment. Review the assignment.


At the last page, students can research and write the recipe one of the most popular dishes in Brazil. Students encourage drawing pictures of the ingredients and the final dish.

Home connection

Kids can make a dish from their flip book together with parents and taste the Brazil!