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Brazil Nature | Independent Research

Grade: 4th Grade, 5th Grade Subject: Social Studies Standards: RI.4.9, RI.5.9, W.4.2, W.5.2 Time: 1h 20 min
brazil lesson plan

Students will learn about Brazil nature and its habitats. They will explore animals and birds, make independent research and fill the research page with their knowledge.

Learning Objectives. Independent research, proceed information from different sources, higher order thinking (compare and contrast using Venn diagram), writing explanatory/informative text.

This lesson plan is a part of Brazil for Kids Unit Study.

Introduction (10 min)

Students will take a moment and think of Brazil nature, animals and birds. Ask them to share their knowledge with each other. The teacher can create small groups for discussion. The teacher will write some points she gets from students on the board.

Lesson (30 min)

The teacher will discuss Brazilian nature, its habitat.

Materials teacher can use to discuss Brazil nature:

Brazil is home to 600 mammal species, 1,500 fish species, 1,600 bird species, and 100,000 types of insects. You can find most of its animals in the jungle.
Pantanal is a world’s largest wetland. It has flooded lagoons and small islands. It is home to anacondas, caimans, and other animals.

Brazil is home to some amazing animals, such as armadillo, piranha, pumas, and toucans. Toco Toucan is the world’s largest toucan. It has a black body, white throat, and a large colorful beak.

Watch video about Toucans

10 most incredible animals in Brazil students can use for independent research:

1) Jaguar,
2) Piranha,
3) Goliath Birdeater Spider,
4) Peanut Head Bug,
5) Giant Otter,
6) Jesus Christ Lizard,
7) Amazon River Dolphin,,
8) Anaconda,
9) Armadillo.

The teacher can choose more animals for independent work.

Independent work (30 min)


  • Animals in Brazil Independent Research Worksheet
  • Brazil Article
  • A Map of Brazil
  • Computer, pencil or pen

Set up:

  • Make sure every student has his or her worksheets.
  • Make sure the map of Brazil placed on the wall that every student could see it.
  • Make sure every student gets a computer for independent work.


Students will need a computer to access the search. Have your students pick one of the 10 most incredible animals (or teacher can assign one animal for a student) and make a research.

Write down finding on the page. Students encouraged drawing a picture of the animal, or they can print it and glue it in the provided box.

Review (10 min)

Make sure every student gets a topic. Encourage students to share their findings with each other.


Using the Venn diagram on the fifth page of the flip book, have your students write the differences and similarities between the Toco Toucan and the animal from their research (if their research was about Brazilian animals).

Home connection

Students can visit the nearest zoo with their parents, find the animals from Brazil and share their knowledge.