Project Description

Christmas Readings | Advent Calendar

This Christmas Advent calendar will engage your students in Christmas readings! They will read stories and write endings or conclusions. Each Christmas Story starts with a clear introduction that introduces the topic. The main body then tells about the story. These worksheets will help kids to compose well-written conclusion and draw what they visualize. When kids finish writing they cut out a sticker and glue it to the advent calendar. Kids will collect stickers for all 25 stories plus one bonus story!

Download all Christmas Reading Passages.

Concepts and Skills

Showing or suggesting the result of the story’s conflict.
Describing the main character’s actions.
Using elements from the story’s beginning and middle.
Making the reader feel something at the end.
Experimenting with different endings: straight-up ending, shocking & unexpected ending, terrible ending, happy ending, unsolved ending, and others.

More Details

Each story comes in two versions: in color and ink saver version. All stories have a handwriting paper, one version for each grade (kindergarten – 3rd grade) teacher or parent can choose from. Each handwriting paper has a horizontal ruling (3/4 inch for kindergarten, 5/8 inches for 1st grade, and 1/2 inches for 2nd grade), red baseline, broken midline, with descender space.

christmas readings

Day 1 is for tree

Day 1 of Christmas readings… kids will read the story about Christmas tree and come up with the conclusion!

Day 2 is for ornament

Day 2 of Christmas readings… It was time to decorate the house for Christmas…

Day 3 is for ice skates

Day 3 of Christmas readings… Macy was hoping they could start a new tradition…

Day 4 is for wreath

Day 4 of Christmas readings… Tom was excited to make his very own wreath to hang on their front door!

Day 5 is for cookies

Day 5 of Christmas readings… This year, the children were making gingerbread cookies for Santa!

Day 6 is for jumper

Day 6 of Christmas readings… Grandma made a special Christmas gift for her granddaughter!

Day 7 is for robin

Day 7 of Christmas readings… Suddenly, Sophia felt like someone was watching her…

Day 8 is for angel

Day 8 of Christmas readings… There was one thing missing from the boxes…

Day 9 is for kindness

Day 9 of Christmas readings… it is all about kindness!

Day 10 is for yarn

Day 10 of Christmas readings… Maggie had a great idea for Christmas gifts for her friends!

Day 11 is for hugs

Day 11 of Christmas readings… A hug is a great way to say thank you!

Day 12 is for quilt

Day 12 of Christmas readings… Lea and Mom climbed into bed and pulled the quilt up to their chins!

Day 13 is for packaging paper

Day 13 of Christmas readings… Claire had never wrapped a gift before…

Day 14 is for bear

Day 14 of Christmas readings… Nicky was so sad without her bear. She had slept with him every night!

Day 15 is for elf

Day 15 of Christmas readings… The elves were working hard so they could get all the toys ready for Christmas Eve!

Day 16 is for ugg boots

Day 16 of Christmas readings… Payton asked Santa for the gift she was really hoping for this year!

Day 17 is for night

Day 17 of Christmas readings… The kids wanted to do something special before they went to bed…

Day 18 is for mistletoe

Day 18 of Christmas readings… Katie stood under the mistletoe, wondering what it was and who put it there!

Day 19 is for deer

Day 19 of Christmas readings… Abby laid very still in her bed. Suddenly, she heard a noise!

Day 20 is for zephyr

Day 20 of Christmas readings… Read the story about the perfect gift!

Day 21 is for family

Day 21 of Christmas readings… The Christmas holidays were finally here!

Day 22 is for lights

Day 22 of Christmas readings… The kids couldn’t wait to plug the lights in!

Day 23 is for Xmas Eve

Day 23 of Christmas readings… On Xmas Eve, Sophia and Rebecca were too excited to sleep…

Day 24 is for Santa Claus

Day 24 of Christmas readings… There had to be a way they could finally see Santa Claus!

Day 25 is for Gifts

Day 25 of Christmas readings… Sam wanted to find the perfect gift for her friend, Ryan…

Bonus is for violin

Bonus reading! It was the night of the school Christmas concert!