How to download and print resources

1. Important! You have to be logged in to download resources. You can log in from the login page, or use the pop-up form on printables pages.

2. Once login, the button “Get Membership” will transform into “Download Printable”. If you still see “Get Membership” you are not logged in. Repeat the first step.

3. Click “Download Printable” and the worksheet will open in a new window. Review the worksheet, click the printer button and print all pages that you need.

If you see the pop-up you don’t have access to the resources or you have reached your weekly limit. Upgrade your membership to unlock resources.

Where I can find my membership details?

Click “Membership” to see all available memberships you signed up for.

The available information: start date, expiration date, and status for Free Membership.

For Premium Membership you will also find the following information: initial amount paid, your renewal date, and times billed.  From here you can update your payment information or cancel your membership anytime. 

Click “View Full Details” to get more information about the status of your membership. You will see the type of resources you have access to, your download limit, how many downloads you used during this week, when the next download period begins, and your last downloads.

Jump to Frequently Asked Questions to find out how you can use our resources.

Have a fabulous day of teaching!