Printable Memory Games for Kids

Kids love playing memories games! Most memory games promote concentration skills and the more your students play, the better they get. With our collection of printable memory games you always find something to print for your class.

  • Games can be quick (e.g., five to ten minutes) and easily incorporated into the day, during transition times, carpet time, learning centres, or small group instruction; having a couple memory games in your repertoire can also help when you need a quick activity to fill a few minutes as students are waiting.
  • Games that require no materials, or few materials, such as a deck of cards or flashcards, are easily set up and tidied afterwards.
  • Memory games can be used for every age and ability level; use them to teach concepts students are learning such as math facts or high-frequency words.
  • Teaching students how to visualize can assist them with memory games
  • Regularly playing memory games can help improve students’ short-term memory, also known as their working memory; memory games can also improve students’ visual memory, which is information they have viewed, such as pictures, words, or objects.
  • In addition to supporting memory, games can also improve students’ focus, concentration, vocabulary and word-retrieval, ability to follow multi-step instructions, attention to detail, and ability to apply knowledge to new situations.
  • Memory games played in partners or groups encourage social interactions and oral language and are often viewed as enjoyable by students
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