Printable Kids Puzzles

We have a great collection of kids puzzles organized by theme, holiday or season. Here you will always find something to print. Print in advance and take it on a road trip, bring to the restaurant and engage your child!

  • Puzzles can be used to target skills such as spelling and reading CVC words, learning numbers, and learning uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Use our ready-made puzzles, number games, and word games; in addition to hard copies of puzzles. Also, you can check out online puzzles that students can access on devices.
  • Use puzzles as bell work, in partners and small groups, in learning centres, or for students who finish their work early.
  • After learning puzzle formats, encourage students to create their own puzzles to share with classmates.
  • Puzzles provide purposeful practice for students in a fun way; they require little set-up and can be easily incorporated into the day.
  • Students can build their confidence in a variety of skills through puzzle activities.
  • Puzzles can be used to support students at many ages and skills levels.
  • Puzzles can be used in many curriculum areas including math and language; they can be used to introduce concepts, to provide practice, and as culminating activities.
  • In addition to supporting academic subjects, puzzles can support students with processing read, working memory, problem-solving, and collaboration.
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