Printable Word Search Games

With our collection of printable word search games, students will expand and improve their vocabulary, improve word recognition & perception, as well practice spelling skills.

  • Word searches can be teacher-created, focusing on specific vocabulary words or spelling words that are being targeted; word searches can also be created by students, by providing them with a list of words to use or by having them generate a list from a given text or topic.
  • Beginning readers will benefit from word searches that contain words written from left to right and not diagonally, vertically, or backwards; this helps reinforce the left to right tracking needed to read; proficient readers can solve word searches with words written in various directions.
  • Beginning readers or children not yet reading may benefit from word searches that contain the same word, multiple times; children without a bank of sight words may benefit from finding their name hidden many times in a word search.
  • As students’ knowledge of letter patterns increases, they will begin developing more efficient “search and find” strategies; for example, to find the word “quiet,” they know they must find a ‘q’ that is followed by a ‘u’.
  • Word searches can be used to review vocabulary, practice spelling words, recognize letter patterns, practice scanning skills, promote stamina, practice visual discrimination, and encourage word recognition.
  • Word searches may promote alertness and focus in students, as they see the activity through to completion.
  • Students often consider word searches to be enjoyable activities; they may also like competing against each other to solve word searches quickly.
  • Word searches can vary significantly in their complexity so they are tailored to students’ ability levels.
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