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The ET Word Family Workbook


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This ET Word Family Workbook includes a variety of printable worksheets for kindergarten students. Kids learn to read and write words with the same ending sound. Kids practice reading, spelling, categorizing, sorting, chunking, and building words. Words included in this workbook: net, met, set, get, pet, jet, vet, wet.

In this package, the teacher finds learning tools for the classroom: ET word family poster, word wall cards, flashcards and clip cards for a literacy center, and more.

Reading Skills. Students will complete different reading activities. With reading cards, students will identify the short E medial sound and the -ET word family. Students will read CVC words, short passages, short stories, and mini-book (combine pre-primer Dolch list and CVC words).

Reading Comprehension. After reading a short story, students will glue pictures following the sequencing in the story and answer a few questions.

Writing Skills. Students will practice tracing CVC words, writing, and spelling in different ways. They will build short ĕ words using different materials, they will write words by hearing them, connect letters to construct the word, and more.

(57 pages, 5MB)