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Letter A Printables – Literacy Activities


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Letter A Printables – Literacy Activities Workbook include a variety of literacy activities for second grade students. Kids practice their handwriting skills (manuscript and cursive versions included). They read and learn about the occupation starting this letter of the alphabet. And A is for Artist Andy! Kids practice organizing their thoughts and write opinion on the topic.

Letter A Printables – Literacy Activities Workbook designed using Zaner-Bloser Simplified Method in two variations: manuscript and cursive

In this download teachers find visual material to support the learning environment. It includes printable posters and letter card with a guidance on how to form a letter. The reading passage use font style and size appropriate for grade 2 students. Each line has around 38 characters and wide spacing for easy reading and comprehension. The handwriting and writing activities have 1/2 inch horizontal ruling, red baseline, broken mid-line, with descender space and suitable for second-grade students.

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1. Letter A Printable Posters (Cursive and Manuscript).
2. Letter A Formation Cards (Cursive and Manuscript, Uppercase and Lowercase).
3. Tracing and Writing the Letter A Worksheets (Cursive and Manuscript, Uppercase and Lowercase).
4. Practice Writing Words Starting with this Letter (Cursive and Manuscript).
5. Reading Passage: What Does an Artist Do? Following by questions sheet.
6. Research Practice: Find Out More About this Occupation.
7. Opinion Writing. Using 4-square technique students organize their opinion and write a paragraph “Why Would Someone Want to Become an Artist?”. (Manuscript and Cursive)
8. Vocabulary Building (Six words related to the occupation to work on).


Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.

Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening.

Use glossaries and beginning dictionaries, both print and digital, to determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases.

Write opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic or book they are writing about, state an opinion, supply reasons that support the opinion, use linking words (e.g., because, and, also) to connect opinion and reasons, and provide a concluding statement or section.


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