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Letter E Printables – Literacy Activities


Letter E Printables – Literacy Activities Workbook includes a variety of literacy activities for second-grade students. Kids practice their handwriting skills (manuscript and cursive versions included). Kids read and learn about the occupation starting this letter of the alphabet. And E is for Engineer Evan! Kids practice organizing their thoughts and write an opinion on the topic.

Letter E Printables designed using Zaner-Bloser Simplified Method in two variations: manuscript and cursive.

In this download, teachers find visual material to support the learning environment. It includes printable Letter E posters and Letter E Cards with guidance on how to form a letter. The reading passage about Engineer Evan uses font style and size appropriate for grade 2 students. Each line has around 38 characters and wide spacing for easy reading and comprehension. The handwriting and writing activities have 1/2 inch horizontal ruling, red baseline, broken mid-line, with descender space, and are suitable for second-grade students.

(34pages, 1.2MB)

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