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Brazil Word Search for Kids

brazil states map

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Brazil word search is an excellent activity for kids. Pick the word and try to create as many words as you can. Challenge: create a 5-letters word!Flag of Brazil: oil, if, or, rib, rail, air, fail, bail, big, zip, foil, gorilla, bio, rag, ago, bag, fill, golf, fog, roll, far, and more words. World Cup: up, do, row, old, doc, or, cup, our, owl, crowd, crowd, could, proud, would,  world, cow, and more words. Christ the Redeemer: he, it, is, hi, red, sir, die, sit, red, rid, see, his, her, ice, tie, the, deer, rest, tire, hire, hide, dish, three, trees, stitch, and more words. Rio Carnival: in, no, an, on ,or, vain, rail, roil, rain, Carl, coin, oval, nail, noir, roar, lion, liar, iron, van, are, nil, and more words.