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Dracula – Level K Reader


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Get your spooky on! In this fiction reading passage, kids learn about Dracula. Kids read the passage, identify the main idea, support it with details, and summarize it. Kids also answer a few comprehension questions.

Reading strategy: identifying the main idea and summarizing it.

Available styles and printing options:

Styles: modern sans serif and traditional serif.
Printing options: full color and black lines.

A modern typeface specially designed for children’s reading and improving legibility for large blocks of reading matter. Friendly, easily recognizable letters that produce a well-defined word shape, with extended ascenders and descenders. The slight slant makes blocks of text easier to read.
A traditional typeface is designed expressly for schoolbooks and children’s books. Letters with contrasting weight and lighter strokes help children quickly identify them. Generations of children learned to read with this font.