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Lowercase Letter O Printable Template


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This lowercase letter O printable template is a comprehensive resource that helps children identify the letter O and its sound. Kids pick items with the corresponding sound to represent the letter O and fill the letter with it.

You can also use the letter O printable template in a variety of crafts and activities to complement your studies. Teachers can display the completed work on the classroom walls.

Ideas to fill the letter O. To teach the short O sound, use items such as owls, octagons, olives, oxe, octopuses, ostriches, or otters. Ovals and oats can be used to teach the long O sound.

Available styles and printing options:

Styles: Zaner-Bloser, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), and D’Nealian.
Printing options: black lines.

Zaner-Bloser. Forming letters straight up and down. Guideline: blue headline, red baseline, and dotted midline. An easy step-by-step approach.
Handwriting Without Tears. Forming letters using simple strokes. Guideline: simplified. Modern handwriting.
D’Nealian. Forming letters in slight slant and adding little tails to each letter. Guideline: blue headline, red baseline, and dotted midline. Easier transition to cursive.

letter o printable template

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