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Place Value: Tens and Ones #13


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Kindergarten kids should identify the place values surrounding tens and ones. This math worksheet provides kids understanding of two-digit numbers and improves number sense skills. Kids cut out cards at the bottom, look at the number sentence and decide if it is correct or not.

Available styles and printing options:

Styles: Zaner-Bloser, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), and D’Nealian.
Printing options: color lines and black lines.

Zaner-Bloser. Forming letters straight up and down. Guideline: blue headline, red baseline, and dotted midline. An easy step-by-step approach.
Handwriting Without Tears. Forming letters using simple strokes. Guideline: simplified. Modern handwriting.
D’Nealian. Forming letters in slight slant and adding little tails to each letter. Guideline: blue headline, red baseline, and dotted midline. Easier transition to cursive.

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