It is Summer! Yay! Warm days are here, school is out of the session, and all your kids want is having a fun time.

Make this Summer days full of fun with amazing crafts, games and outdoor activities.

From messy to creative projects, from active to quiet times we have come up with this Summer checklist for kids.

Check more fun and excited summer activities your child will love to do with you, or by herself.

Tons of great ideas to inspire you and your kids.

summer checklist for kids

My Favorite Summer Activity Writing Prompt

With this writing prompts, it becomes easy to plan your Summer activity. Just check what you already have done and moved to the next step. Afterward, let your child pick her favorite activity and write about it. Do not forget to draw a picture to represent this activity. Have more than one favorite activity? No problem. Just print as many copies as you need and fill it with the Summer fun.

Summer Checklist for Kids

  • Visit beach and collect seashells and sand
  • Craft with seashells
  • Bubble paint projects
  • Make a paint brushes
  • Make a sidewalk chalk paint
  • Play sidewalk chalks
  • Play sidewalk sudoku
  • Make your own bubbles
  • Make a beaded bubble wands
  • Practice origami skills
  • Make a birdhouse
  • Make a birdfeeder
  • Play dress up
  • Make weaving looms
  • Play sensory bins
  • Make dino ice eggs
  • Make popsicles
  • Play shadow puppet theater
  • Play quiet box
  • Play indoor mini golf
  • Make bug fossils
  • Make a marble run
  • Go hiking
  • Go biking
  • Feed the ducks
  • Start lemonade stands
  • Plan a treasure hunt
  • Camp on backyard
  • Visit farmer’s market
  • Build sand castle
  • Catch fireflies in jar