Math Worksheets & Printables

Our collection of printable math worksheets helps kids develop the fundamental skills from kindergarten trough 5th grade. Practice general math skills like addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, multiplication, and division and more.

  • Create a safe environment where students are comfortable taking risks and understand that making mistakes is part of learning.
  • Connect math skills to real-life examples to make learning authentic; show students how math is all around us, in places like in our homes, in stores, on t.v., and in print materials.
  • Use manipulatives such as counters, pattern blocks, hundreds charts, and snap cubes to support student learning; teach students how to use manipulatives effectively to help them solve problems.
  • Incorporate both independent practice and collaboration in partners and small groups into your program; provide opportunities for reflection and consolidation to conclude lessons.
  • Teach fundamental math skills based on students’ ability levels.
  • Teach understanding numbers (e.g., composing and decomposing numbers, representing, counting, ordering, and estimating), understanding and recalling math facts (e.g., addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication), and developing mental math skills (i.e., completing math calculations in your mind, without the use of a calculator).
  • Incorporate problem-solving into your program; students need to learn what is being asked, what strategies to use, how to tackle multi-step problems, and how to evaluate the reasonableness of their answers.
  • Students need to develop an underlying understanding of math concepts, not simply rote skills, to be successful with higher level math skills.
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