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Addition Worksheets & Printables

Struggling with addition? Not anymore! Our collection features various addition worksheets and hands-on activities for classroom and after school use. Provide additional practice for your students, reinforce the fundamental skills and improve accuracy and speed related to addition calculation.

  • Use manipulatives to help demonstrate to students how addition works (e.g., combine two groups of counters to make one larger group).
  • Once an understanding of the concept of addition is established, provide students with opportunities to practice addition facts, to develop their math fluency.
  • Use games with dice, coins, or other tools to help students practice addition facts.
  • Introduce students to vocabulary that represents addition, such as “sum” and “altogether”.
  • Introduce students to more than one strategy for solving multi-digit addition questions, such as the standard algorithm (e.g., writing numbers one above the other then working through columns from right to left) and using place value (e.g., 89+12 equals 80+10, which can be done mentally, then 9+2 equals another groups of ten plus 1 more).
  • Teach students how to count ahead, either in their head or using a number line, to add two numbers.
  • Encourage the memorization of basic, single-digit addition facts.
  • Teach doubles (e.g., 5+5=10) then introduce “doubles plus 1” (e.g., 5+6=11).
  • Teach adding 10 to a number (e.g., 6+10=16) then use that benchmark to teach adding 9 to a number (e.g., 6+10 is 16 so 6+9 is one less: 15).
  • Teach multi-digit addition strategies such as adding two-digit or three-digit numbers together.
  • Incorporate problem-solving into your program so students understand when and why to use addition.
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