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Short Vowel Worksheets & Printables

With our collection of short vowel worksheets, students learn to understand and recognize the vowel sounds. With this hands-on practice, students build strong reading and spelling skills, as well grow and expands their vocabulary. These worksheets are exceptional for kindergarten students.

  • Teach students to say words slowly, isolating the short vowel sound; use sound boxes and have students slide a chip into each box as they say the word.
  • Progress to having students practice writing CVC words such as “bat,” “net,” and “pin” in the sound boxes.
  • Co-create word family charts with students, focusing on short vowel sounds; for example, use the “at” family to generate words such as “cat,” “hat,” and “mat”.
  • Progress to words with blends and digraphs such as “brat” and “that”.
  • Provide students with anchor charts to reference that associate each short vowel sound with a picture, such as an apple for ‘a’ and an umbrella for ‘u’
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