Alphabet Worksheets & Printables

With our collection of alphabet worksheets, children will practice early literacy skills. Learn to recognize, read, and write all letters of the alphabet, from A to Z. Find a fun way to learn and engage your students!

  • Writing the alphabet does not need to be taught in sequential order; group together letters that use similar pathways, such as ‘a,’ ‘c,’ and ‘o;’ be aware of visually similar letters that children may confuse such as ‘b’ and ‘d’ or ‘p’ and ‘q’.
  • Teach students phrases to help them remember how to form letters (e.g., “down, up, down, up” to make ‘w’).
  • Use different modalities to teach children how to print letters, such as salt trays, whiteboards, and apps.
  • Read books and sing songs about the alphabet and provide students with alphabet puzzles.
  • Teach sounds in the context of guided reading and writing activities and by anchoring sounds to objects such as ‘ssss’ for “snake”.
  • Teaching the alphabet includes recognizing the letters, naming them, printing them, and learning their sounds.
  • Students need to learn both the uppercase and lowercase letters; educators typically begin with lowercase letters when introducing how to print them.
  • Acquisition of letter sounds is a precursor to early reading skills; students can use beginning sounds to predict words and later, use their knowledge of sounds to stretch out small words.
  • Students should recognize all uppercase and lowercase letters and their sounds during kindergarten or first grade.
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