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Prism, cube, sphere, octagon, polygon, cone -geometry can be a complicated math topic. Here you find geometry worksheets to use in the classroom or at home and give your students a helping hand. Just pick the worksheet below and click to download it. Easy to use, low-prep hands-on worksheet would be a great addition to your next lesson.

  • Include hands-on activities to help deepen your students’ understanding of geometry; for example, students can create three-dimensional figures using toothpicks and marshmallows, explore symmetry using miras to create symmetrical designs, or go on a scavenger hunt to find shapes.
  • Use anchor charts and student work as visuals in the classroom that students can refer to.
  • Introduce students to specialized vocabulary used in geometry such as words like “attributes” and “angles”.
  • Incorporate the use of technology into your program to provide students with purposeful practice.
  • Beginning geometry skills include learning about simple two-dimensional shapes; this includes identifying them, drawing them, and exploring their properties, such as number of sides.
  • Students will learn about three-dimensional figures; the exploration of 3D figures can include learning about their sides, faces, and vertices and also properties such as whether they can slide, roll, or stack.
  • Older students will learn how to calculate perimeter and area; this includes learning the standard algorithms.
  • Students will learn about angles, including the names of angles and how to measure them using a protractor.
  • Problem-solving will help students learn how to apply their knowledge of the concepts they are learning in geometry.
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