The fall is here!  It is time to wear sweaters, fuzzy socks and get a cup of hot chocolate! Below you will find fun and educational fall printables and activities for K-5 students.

fall printables

English Language Art Fall Printables for K-2 Students

Need an idea to help your students get started their fall writing? This fall-themed pack full of great short story prompts! These prompts encourage kids to describe the fall signal and the world around them.

Fall it is a time for picking apples, and become a very popular theme for little learners. These notebook pages are great to keep all the records, whether it is a science project or a story about apple picking at the nearest farm.

With this fall printable pack, your students will improve their reading skills. Students will color the picture using the legend and practice 16 pre-primer Dolch sight words. Plus! Print a blank page and customize with any sight word your child is learning right now.

A huge collection of fall-themed hands-on short vowel worksheets to build essential reading skills. Over 100 hands-on worksheets and activities cover the short a words in a depth.

English Language Art Fall Printables for 3rd-5th Grades Students

A great October reading for 3-rd -5-th grades students. ‘Candy Corn – A Unique Treat‘ is an informational text that keeps students attention.The text is following by a comprehension worksheet!

20 fall-themed task cards would be a perfect addition to your learning center. Each card has an open-ended challenge. Excellent to expand students imagination and develop critical thinking skills!

Math Fall Printables for K-2 Students

These adorable fall-themed number mats are great for helping kids to develop their number sense. This set cover numbers 0-10 and has and extended challenging activity!

This fall-themed pattern recognition printable is amazing. With colorful pages, students will explore the patterns, find the sequence and finish it!

An awesome collection of fall worksheets for Kindergarten students. These hands-on worksheets cover English language art and math. Students will start their first math lessons and practice counting, sorting and measuring leaves. As well, relate leaves by size and color (which improve cognitive skills). And expand vocabulary by learning new fall words. Sounds fun, isn’t it?!

Math Fall Printables for 3rd-5th Grades Students

With this ‘Bobbing for Apples‘ worksheet, students will get a fun metric system practice. the worksheet has three questions to work on.

These easy, no prep pumpkin-themed math problem of the day calendars is great for a daily math review. Each day your students will find a new math problem to solve. This fall printable includes two calendars: for K-2nd-grade students and 3rd-5th grades students. October Problem of the Day Calendar and November Problem of the day Calendar.

Science and STEM Fall Activities

Glowing pumpkins can be so much fun! This experiment was originally performed by Martha Stewart on her daytime show.

Why do leaves change their colors in the fall? This experiment is simple  and you are more likely you already have all resources you will need.

What keeps apples from browning? With this fun experiment, kids will learn why apples turn brown. But… let them guess first!

Pumpkin slime in a pumpkin made from pumpkin guts! How to make pumpkin slime with a real pumpkin! This activity is an excellent time to talk about the parts of the pumpkin too.

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