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Mosquito Life Cycle Worksheets & Printables

These worksheets will help students learn about mosquito metamorphosis from egg to pupa to an adult mosquito. Everything you need for your mosquito life cycle lesson!

  • Go on a nature walk. Look for places that you find mosquitoes. Talk about areas where mosquitoes lay their eggs.
  • Have children label a diagram of the mosquito. Include the head, thorax, and abdomen. Talk about the number of wings and legs and include the antennae, too. Have children research the mosquito. Possible topics include their habitat, their diet, and their life span.
  • Invite children to look around their house and yard. They can create a map, showing places where mosquitoes are most likely to be found.

Mosquitoes begin as eggs. Female mosquitoes can lay about 100 eggs at a time. They lay their eggs in wet places, like puddles or ponds. The eggs stay on the surface of the water. Female mosquitoes also lay their eggs in containers, like barrels, bowls, and fountains. The eggs are very sticky and attach to the sides of the container. They are tiny and black. The eggs can hatch within a few days in the right temperatures.

During the next stage, the eggs hatch and larvae come out. The eggs hatch when they become covered in water, either from rain or humans adding water to their container. The larvae look like small, hairy worms. They stay near the water’s surface because they need air to breathe. The larvae eat microorganisms that live near the surface. As they eat, they outgrow their bodies and begin to molt, which means they shed their skin. The larva stage takes around four to 14 days.

The pupa stage is next. The pupae do not eat but continue breathing near the water’s surface. Light and shadows disturb them. The pupae roll or tumble around to escape into the deeper water.

In about one to four days, the pupa’s skin begins to split along its back. The newly formed mosquito comes out and rests on the surface of the water.

Adult mosquitoes can fly away from the water. Male and female mosquitoes eat plant nectar, but females also feed on blood. They do this by biting humans and animals. Male mosquitoes only live for about six or seven days. Female mosquitoes can live for five months or more. Females may lay eggs several times during their lives, which keeps the life cycle going.

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