What are sight words? Sight words are frequently used words and many of them cannot be “sounded out.” Kids are expected to learn them by sight and read without decoding them.

One of the most popular lists used for teaching is a Dolch list. The Dolch list contains 220 words (40 preK words, 52 kindergarten words, 41 words to teach in grade 1, 46 in grade 2 and 41 in grade 3) and 95 nouns.

Below you will find the table with kindergarten sight word list in alphabetical order. You may download this article as well for your future reference.

kindergarten sight word list

Do not forget to check sight word learning resources at the end of this article. These worksheets and hands-on activities will be a great addition to your lesson or afterschool activity.

Primer Sight Words List


Resources to Teach Sight Words

  • Dolch sight words worksheets are a great way to introduce the new word to your child, as well practice word recognition skills and play a fun games.
  • See also pre-primer sight words playdough activity mats. Fun and easy activity every child will love to play, as well promote fine motor skills.