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This uppercase letter Q printable template is a comprehensive resource that helps children identify the letter Q and its sound. Kids pick items with the corresponding sound to represent the letter Q and fill the letter with it.

You can also use the letter Q printable template in a variety of crafts and activities to complement your studies. Teachers can display the completed work on the classroom walls.

Ideas to fill the letter Q. Using quarters may help students remember the letter Q. Or, they may associate q with quails, queens, quilts, a quacking duck, question marks, quiet, or quick.

Available styles and printing options:

Styles: Zaner-Bloser, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), and D’Nealian.
Printing options: black lines.

Zaner-Bloser. Forming letters straight up and down. Guideline: blue headline, red baseline, and dotted midline. An easy step-by-step approach.
Handwriting Without Tears. Forming letters using simple strokes. Guideline: simplified. Modern handwriting.
D’Nealian. Forming letters in slight slant and adding little tails to each letter. Guideline: blue headline, red baseline, and dotted midline. Easier transition to cursive.

letter q template

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This letter Q workbook includes fun and engaging hands-on activities worksheets that your kindergarteners will love. Letter Q pattern maze, letter Q hunt, letter case sorting, and more. Excellent source for teaching letter Q recognition skills. Bonus: classroom visuals to enrich your learning environment.

Available in three handwriting styles!

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