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Short a Words – List and Printable Dictionary


Here a list of short a words divided by their family. It is intended to extend letter-sound understanding for kindergarten kids, as well develop an ability to mix those sounds into words. These word families have a short a sound in the medial position. The purpose of this list is to create short a words list that will support and reinforce the reading and spelling skills with the fundamental letter-sound correspondence.

Download short a words spelling dictionary underneath and practice spelling skills. The dictionary available in two versions: with and without pictures (see the sample pages below).

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Short a Words List by Word Family

-ad -am -an -ap -ar -at -aw
bad cam ban cap bar bat caw
cad dam can gap car cat jaw
dad ham Dan lap far fat law
had jam fan map gar hat paw
lad lam Jan nap jar mat raw
mad Pam man rap mar pat saw
pad ram pan sap par rat
sad Sam ran tap tar sat
tam tan yap tat
yam van zap vat

Short a Words Spelling Dictionary

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