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Word Family Worksheets & Printables

Here you find a collection of word families worksheets for elementary school students. They are great for practicing reading comprehension, spelling, and writing and will be an excellent addition to your lesson!

  • For young learners, begin with simple word families such as “at” and “ot” where the vowel sounds are easier to hear.
  • Co-create anchor charts for each word family; consider using a separate color or highlighting the common letter pattern in each word.
  • Progress to creating word families with vowel sounds that may not be as easily recognized, such as “an” and “am”.
  • Support the concept of word families by incorporating rhyming activities into your program; for example, use poems, nursery rhymes, and books and have students chime in during rhyming parts.
  • For older students, focus on more complex letter patterns and create word families for sounds such as “oat” and “ain”.
  • Beginning readers and writers can increase their repertoire of known words through their knowledge of word families (e.g., if you know “cat,” you also know “hat”).
  • Word families can help students use the reading strategy of chunking; instead of sounding out words letter by letter, they can “chunk” letters together that combine to make a sound (e.g., instead of sounding out ‘c-a-t’ students can say ‘c-at’); this strategy helps students sound out words more quickly and promotes fluency.
  • Knowledge of word families can support students in both their reading and writing.
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