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Writing Prompts

Looking for ideas to get your child writing? Here you will find hundreds of fun writing prompts perfect for beginning writers. This collection will stretch your child imagination and encourage them to describe and explain their thoughts.

  • Consider providing students with a list of writing prompts they can keep in their writing notebooks for times when they’re unsure of what to write about; students can add to the list when they generate ideas of their own they may wish to use at a later time.
  • Whole class prompts that are open-ended and lead to many different responses can also be used.
  • Use prompts to focus on a specific writing form, such as narratives or persuasive writing.
  • Use prompts that will interest students and spark their creativity; make sure prompts lend themselves to topics that students have knowledge of or experience with.
  • Consider using pictures as prompts for writing.
  • Use writing prompts to target specific skills, such as persuading, writing from varying perspectives, or recalling events.
  • Writing prompts can be used to teach students the concept of beginning, middle, and end or problem and solution.
  • Target spelling or vocabulary words by prompting students to use them in their writing.
  • Use writing prompts to support students who have difficulty getting started with their writing.
  • Practice using writing prompts prepares students for activities in older grades such as essay writing.
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