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Animals Writing Prompts


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Writing is an essential part of children’s learning and a skill that requires daily practice. Kids that write on a regular basis gain confidence in sharing their ideas with others. They practice on transforming their thoughts into written words and learn how to construct sentences and write a cohesive story. Kids work on fine motor skills and develop proper letter formation and spacing.

This workbook includes 60 journal writing prompts about farm, forest, safari and arctic animals and includes age-appropriate word bank.

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Writing. Develop grammar, spelling, punctuation, spacing between words.

Creativity. Students draw a picture that is relevant to the topic and learn how to connect thoughts with writing.


1. How to Teach Journal Writing in K-2 | Article
2. Word Bank
3. Farm Animals Writing Journal: hen, rooster, chicken, goat, donkey, horse, duck, goose, turkey, turtle, dog, cat, sheep, pig, cow.
4. Forest Animals Writing Journal: fox, raccoon, badger, owl, bear, rabbit, frog, squirrel, hedgehog, wolf, tiger, panda, boar, moose, deer.
5. Safari Animals Writing Journal: parrot, ostrich, flamingo, hyena, lion, leopard, chameleon, scorpion, snake, elephant, monkey, giraffe, buffalo, camel, zebra, rhino, alligator, hippo.
6. Arctic Animals Writing Journal: polar bear, arctic wolf, bison, seal, beluga, walrus, hare, reindeer, narwhal, snowy owl, penguin, whale.


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