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Fluency: Roll & Read 3 Letter Blends

roll and read 3 letter blends

With this worksheet, young learners roll and read 3 letters blend words: straight, trash, scram, splash, sprain, squab, strain, scramble, sprang, strait, scrap, splat, squad, stand, splatter, spray, strange, strap, scrappy, spleen, squall, straw, scratch, spree, scrawl, spring, stray, steak, splice, square, scream, splint, squash, street, screen, strength, sprinkle, screw, stress, stretch, sprint, sprite, sprout, strobe, squid, string, scrabble.

This Roll & Read worksheet has a Summer theme to make phonics practice these days exciting. You can also create a custom reading practice with this Roll and Read Template.

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