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The AD Word Family Workbook


This hands-on activity pack helps kindergarten students build essential literacy skills. The main goal is to increase your students’ vocabulary, learn to read, and identify the short ă sound in an active and hands-on way. This workbook combines 13 hands-on worksheets and activities for independent and guided learning. You can find them in two versions: in color and with outlines.

Reading Skills. Students will complete different reading activities. With reading cards, students will identify the short a medial sound and the -ad word family. Students will read CVC words, short passages, short stories, and mini-book (combine pre-primer Dolch list and CVC words).

Reading Comprehension. After reading a short story, students will glue pictures following the sequencing in the story and answer a few questions.

Writing Skills. Students will practice tracing CVC words, writing, and spelling in different ways. They will build short ă words using different materials, they will write words by hearing them, connect letters to construct the word, and more.

(38 pages, 11MB)

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